Just... Crisps

The only 100% British Crisps - made from our own potatoes and our cold pressed British rapeseed oil.

Amazing quality from a Great Taste Producer.

There are six flavours to try in either single variety cases or mixed flavours, in both 40g and 150g bags.

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Just... Roasted Peas and Beans

Developed to meet consumer demand for healthier high protein & fibre snacks, the Just Roasted Fava Beans come in two mouth-watering flavours and the Wasabi Green Peas offer a spicy alternative to sweet flavoured sports nutrition snacks.

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Taste of Game Crisps

Crisps inspired by the flavours of British Game.

Hand-cooked 100% British potatoes seasoned with the Taste of Game, available in 40g Grab Bag snack and 150g family pack sizes.

Long shelf life – if they last and the whole range IS Vegetarian & Vegan friendly.

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Mr Trotter's Crisps

Inspired by the flavours of pork scratchings, Mr Trotter created these salty and moreish Original Seasoning and punchy Ham and Mustard flavour potato crisps.

Can't decide whether you want a packet of pork scratching or a packet of crisps? Well worry no more with these pork scratching FLAVOURED crisps! Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Just... Rapeseed Oil

Just Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil is produced on the family farm in Hill Ridware in the heart of Staffordshire, and was followed quickly by Just Salad Dressings, Just Infused Oils, Just Mayonnaise and their very popular Just Apple Balsamic and Rapeseed Oil Dressing and Dipping Oil. Now receiving great publicity from top chefs and nutritionists, cold pressed rapeseed oil has fast become the real alternative to olive oil for food lovers and the health conscious alike.

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Just... Linseed Oil for Horses and Pets

An excellent supplement for horses, dogs, cats & small pets, Just Oil Linseed Oil promotes healthy skin and aids general condition, mood and health.

Available in two sizes, the smaller, one-litre container comes with extra-easy, squeezy dosage cap.

Made from linseed grown , crushed and bottled at Wade Lane farm.

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