Just Oil British Rapeseed Oil, Cold Pressed Extra Virgin, 2.5 Litre

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This large, decorative tin will grace any kitchen and makes a great gift too.

Excellent for All Cooking Types

Our award winning Just Rapeseed Oil can be heated to a much higher temperature than other cooking oils making it ideal for frying, roasting, sautéing and baking – use rapeseed oil for the crispiest chips or roast potatoes you’ve ever had. Its light, nutty flavour means that our oil also makes a beautiful dressing on salads, a delicious marinade or mixed with vinegar for the best dipping oil.

100% British – Grown, Pressed and Bottled in Staffordshire

We have been producing Just Rapeseed Oil on our farm in Staffordshire for over 15 years. We nurture our rapeseed plants until the fields are blooming yellow, before harvesting the crop and bringing it back to the farm to crush and bottle. This gives our product 100% traceability and keeps our food miles low.

Health Benefits

Lowest saturated fat of all cooking oils, and half the saturated fat of olive oil. Contains plant sterols which are very good for lowering cholesterol. Source of Omega-3, which humans do not naturally produce so must consume in food. Vitamin E, and Vitamin K which is important for bone health.

Zero Additives

We cold press and triple filter our rapeseed oil meaning we do not need to use chemicals at any stage during the process. Our extra virgin oil is pure and clear and is not mixed with any additives or preservatives.

Sustainable Vegetarian and Vegan Alternative to Butter

Excellent sustainable, plant-based alternative for butter Use rapeseed oil to make the best flapjacks, mayonnaises or to drizzle on bread with a pinch of salt. We believe mother nature knows best so we never use GM crops.