Mr Trotter's Original Seasoning & Ham & Mustard 2 x 12 x 40g Snack Size

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Mr Trotter had an idea to develop a crisp with more munch, crunch and punch. To get the munch he selects the best British potatoes and thick slices them with their skins on.

The crunch comes from being kettle fried by hand and finally, the seasoning gives them the punch you will love. So there you have it, distinctive, delicious and damned good crisps.

12 x Ham & Mustard flavour & 12 x Original Seasoning flavour

Great for snacking, lunch boxes, or with a favourite tipple.

40g bag size – a bag of crisps not air!

Long shelf life – if you can resist temptation.

Vegan & vegetarian. Contains Gluten.