Taste of Game Wild Boar & Apple 24 x 40g Snack Size

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Wild boar were native to the UK until 700 years ago. They have now made a return to some UK woodlands.

Wild boar meat is packed with savoury flavour, like a cross between free-range pork and roast venison. To recreate this taste and balance it with the sweetness of a Cox’s apple, we have flavoured our Wild Boar and Apple crisps with a seasoning using smoked salt, paprika, apple and rosemary. Made with 100% British potatoes, sliced with their skins on and batch-cooked to produce very tasty crisps.

Great for snacking, lunch boxes, or with a favourite tipple.

40g bag size – a bag of crisps not air!

Long shelf life – if you can resist temptation.

GM free and gluten-free. Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.