A little bit about us...

Producing Britain’s only 100% British Crisps from potatoes and rapeseed oil all produced on the farm is the unique claim to fame for Just Crisps. It’s a story or diversification, and sustainable self-reliance. Why import sunflower oil when we can produce a better-quality oil ourselves? When you are reliant on growing the two main ingredients in your product you invest in the long term to produce consistently high-quality products.

Our passion for quality is shown in our small batch hand cooked process. We fry our crisps on the farm a few hundred meters from where the potatoes and rapeseed grow. Each freshly cooked batch is inspected by one of the team before progressing to the seasoning table. They are then checked again for taste, colour and texture before being bagged and boxed.

We have won multiple Great Taste Awards with our crisps and take pride in this endorsement of our quality and passion.

Supporting local is also a key value we have. Our new frying production line, designed by ourselves has been produced by a leading Midlands engineering business.

We have an eye on the future too - our roasted peas and beans are a great source of high protein and fibre for those wanting to eat more plant-based protein with a lower carbon footprint. In future years we hope to hand over to the next generation a brand renowned for its quality and sustainable values.